We're in Darwin finally. Our flight wasn't bad, though I fell asleep right after dinner so that might be a reason it went so fast. It is so humid here. My hair is even more curly than it is normally in the summer. Our hotel is pretty nice. There were two guys ahead of us in check-in who were with Contiki. It felt incredible to finally take a shower and get out of the clothes we had been in for literally 48 hours. It didn't help that we sweated while we were walking around Sydney. It was such a relief to put on clean clothes and lay down in a bed to sleep for uninterrupted sleep with no screaming babies like on our flight from LA or our flight to Darwin. I have the TV on and just saw the Wiggles – Allen would be so excited. Today, we'll probably explore Darwin and go swimming. Definitely a hat and sunscreen day. I'm already burned on my arms from our Sydney excursion.

Today we went exploring in Darwin. Boy, is it humid. It's just sticky and gross. We walked for a long way to get to Smith Street. It was hard to remember which way to look when crossing the street because they all drive on the left side of the road. Smith Street was kind of like a little plaza or mall of shops. We looked through all the shops and bought some postcards and a hilarious crocodile hat for Uncle Dwight. Then we walked for what seemed like forever, but wasn't really that bad, to get to the Wharf. We went to a Maritime type museum there and saw a model coral reef. Then, we walked back to Smith Street and had lunch inside to get away from the humidity and flies. I was pretty tired by this point so we came back to the hotel and laid down and read about Australian history. I must have been more tired than I thought, cause I crashed. Cory went back out and saw Doctor's Gully in the rainstorm.

Doctor's Gully in Darwin

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