Alice Springs

Day 11, Friday, 1/17/03
*Random Comment: I just keep noticing how there is absolutely nothing but barren desert everywhere and all around. Then, out of nowhere, there will be these huge, beautiful, amazing rock formations. When you stand on the tops of these rocks you can see desert all around you, but then you think Im on top of a giant rock its a bit weird.

Our alarm this morning was the buzzing of flies trying to get into our ears, noses and mouths. It was like that awful dream I had back in Kakadu with the millions of flies and me trying to swat them. Only, it was real and those damned flies are not the best way to wake up. We packed up our swags and headed to breakfast by 7:00. Breakfast was actually really good. The first set of quad bikers went out at 7:30 and we helped clean up the camp while they were gone. They told us to wear long pants because of all the dust, so we were boiling waiting for our turn. It was worth it, though when we got on those bikes. It was so much fun. I stayed toward the back because Id never had to deal with changing gears and Id never driven one before. Cory was more towards the front, where he could go flying. We went up into the trails and through the trees. There were times when I couldnt even see anyone in front or behind me. At first I wasnt very good, and my changing of gears was very jerky, but I got much better as we went along and could go around corners pretty fast. The straight aways were awesome cause you could just floor it. I had managed to stay reasonably clean because Id stayed far enough back from Alyssa to keep out of her dust then Kenny decided to pass me and got dust everywhere. Jim even fell off his bike and ran it into a tree, but all he said was This is bloody awesome. We got back to the bus and had 10 minutes before we left. We were all filthy. That was the fastest shower Ive taken, but it was probably one of the best feeling. Of course there were no seats available.

*Another Random Comment the road that were driving on, Stuart Highway, is super straight and there are very few turns. Each time Scotty does have to make a turn, he warns us a good 45 min 1 hour ahead of time. Then, he announces his decreasing speed, that his indicators are on and that hes ready physically for the turn. We all cheer when hes finished. Yesterday, he wasnt quite up to task and he turned too early and went off the road. Its all very amusing.

Our hotel is awesome. Probably if we hadnt just gone through the resorts that we have I would think it was ok. But, in comparison, our hotel is like a palace. It has a bathroom in the room, air conditioning and a TV (even if it is about 20 years old.)

We took showers and relaxed as we got ready for the Overlander Steakhouse dinner. We all got on the bus and everyone looked so nice in their clean, nice clothes with showers, shaves and make up. Cory ordered the meal beforehand and sat at the separate table with all the other people trying the exotic cuisine. (Camel, kangaroo, emu and crocodile). The other tables were already on dessert by the time we got our meal. Because we hadnt eaten in forever and I didnt really like my spinach crepes when they finally got there, the wine went straight to my head. We all sang the gum tree song and played wobble boards to some other Australian song. Then, Paul jumped up on the table, after having his first taste of beer that night ?, and crawled up to the rafters and jumped on a saddle. A couple other people including Cory got up and rode the saddles on the rafters.

I did it too, a little later with a bunch of girls. Rachelle desperately wanted to do it, but was wearing a skirt, so Kenny gave her his pants to wear and he stood in the middle of the restaurant in his boxer shorts. We got up on the table and danced with Scotty and several people even had the Steakhouse logo branded onto the butt of their jeans.

After all that craziness, we walked over to Mezaliunas nightclub, where we all danced like crazy. It was so much fun, though I had to keep pulling my pants up, because I didnt have a belt and they were about to fall off. Speaking of pants when I was climbing onto the rafters, Cory and Paul were helping people up. Well, Cory lost his footing and dropped me. Paul managed to catch me, but later told me that he felt like he was breaking the bloody 11th commandment by touching another mans wifes ass. He did tell me I had good legs though.

We actually crawled into bed around 12:30 AM.

Small world, three people from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School meet in the outback of Australia

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