Day 15, Tuesday, 1/21/03
At 5:15 our phone rang with a wake-up call this morning. It scared the crap out of me, I flailed and whacked Cory in the back with my elbow. Apparently Mel had set up wake-up calls for everyone. Never mind that we didnt actually have to be to the bus until 6:15. It didnt work for us, though, because I just went straight back to sleep. Probably because I knew I had an alarm coming half an hour later.

We all met in the lobby and boarded the bus for an entire day of driving. I tried to sleep at first, but Nanique and Lorenda were in front of us and they are just to entertaining to sleep around. Also, when we were getting on, there were no empty seats together.

We drove for a while more, then stopped for lunch. None of us were very hungry, because wed had breakfast 1 hours earlier. We were in a town called Township and Michelle, Cory and I just walked around for an hour. We ended up getting fries at McDonalds (which they call Maccas) and Cory took a picture of a sign for a Billabong Burger.

Our next stop was to let us off for our two night sailing trip. Its us, Jamie, Grant, Konrad, Stacy, Amanda, Susan, Anna, Lorenda and Chris (from Germany). We made a bottle shop stop to get alcohol for the trip and climbed aboard. Our crews names are Robo and Simon. Our boat is small and 25 years old. Cory and I and Lorenda and Stacy got the best room because we would sleep in double beds. The beds are fairly big (comparatively) and we have a shelf for all our stuff.

We set out to sea and sailed for a long time. We all just hang out on deck and enjoyed the breeze and view. When it got dark, we tied up to a buoy in a cove to stay overnight. We were by this expensive yacht. We kept yelling Hey rich people. Send us some Champagne and Caviar. When you turned off the lights, you could see a million stars. It was truly amazing.

The crew made us an excellent dinner. My favorite so far of this trip. It was spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread. We even had nibblies beforehand. We just ate out on deck, under the stars. It was great.

Later, I laid down to look up at the stars and the full stomach, rocking of the boat and peace and quiet put me to sleep like a baby. We ended up moving down to our bed, where it was a lot hotter. But, all in all, it wasnt that bad of a night sleep.

Sailing the Whitsundays

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