Day 18, Friday, 1/24/03
Another long bus ride today. We got up early and both took showers, just because we could. We had an included breakfast at the same restaurant that we had dinner at last night. Our room was really nice and I didnt want to leave it after being in such cramped quarters for so long on the boat. This room had a double bed (actually two twin beds pushed together), a bunk bed, a TV, and an included bathroom. But, the best was the air conditioner. We watched the news in the morning and saw that America is going through a cold snap, with extremely cold temps for extended periods of time. Its nice to know that while were here, but I just hope that it warms up by the time we get home. That would be a harsh reality check.

Breakfast was good, then we had to walk down to the pier and down the pier to get to the ferry.

We got back on the bus and drove some more. We finally got to Rockhampton and the Club Crocodile Motor Inn. Our room is actually really nice, despite the deceptive title of Motor Inn. Apparently resorts can be tiny, hot, sticky rooms with shared facilities and Motor Inns can have cool air conditioning, tons of room and private bathroom. We showered again and put on completely clean clothes.

We went to the coach at 6:00 to get to the Koorana Crocodile Farm and Restaurant. It was a really fun evening. We had drinks and explored the crocs outside. Then we had a first course of soup. I had tomato basil and Cory had crocodile chowder. Then they came by with skewers of croc meat. I tried it, but didnt like it, so Cory finished it for me. At least I can say I tried it, tough.

The leader led us outside and showed us some of the crocs, who come out more at night. One we saw weighed almost one ton. They were huge and the guide fed them raw chicken. We made our way back to the restaurant for our main course. Cory and I both had steak, but you could choose fish if you wished.

We went back out and saw some females, their nests, and the red eyes you can see with torchlight. We went back and had dessert of chocolate cake. Then, we got to got hold a baby crocodile and get our picture taken. I held him and he was so squishy it was odd feeling.

We headed home after everyone held the baby. Then we had to come back to the hotel and pack down again because were only allowed to take a small bag for two days on Fraser Island.

Eric, Sam and Kenny at the croc farm in Rockhampton

Cory and Amy holding a baby croc

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