Fraser Island

Day 20, Sunday, 1/26/03
Today was such a nice lazy day. We didnt have anything that we had to do, so we got to wake up whenever and we didnt have to worry about an alarm clock. I, of course, woke up at 7:00 AM anyway. I wish I could sleep in when I get the chance, but oh well. Cory slept later and then we got dressed in our swimsuits and prepared for the 10-minute walk to the pool. As we were starting out down the road, a guy in a huge 4x4 bus stopped and asked if we wanted a lift. We said of course and hopped in. He drove us right to the reception.

(The resort were staying at is really nice and has some very posh aspects. We, however, are staying in the Eco Lodges WAY up a BIG hill and far away from everything, except the Dingo Bar, which is right across the street. They have shuttles that will take you to the different places, but they only run every two hours, so you have to time everything out.)

Anyway, from reception we walked to the shopping village and bought breakfast from a caf/bakery. Cory had a sausage roll and I had scones with jam and cream. We ate outside and enjoyed the cool, beautiful weather. It was only about 9:45, so there werent too many people out and about yet.

After breakfast, we walked back down the trail, through the Hotels enormously tall lobby and out to the pool. And, thats where I stayed for pretty much the rest of the day. Chris, Heikel, and the girls from Austria were laying out already. Most of our group was on the 4-wheel drive tour. Cory went on a ranger guided beach walk. I just read by the pool. It was great and very relaxing. Around 12:00, Chris and the Germans left to go on the half-day 4x4 tour.

We layed about for a while. Nanique bought me a Magnum and herself a chocolate bomb (a drink with Baileys, Kahlua, chocolate and ice cream. Everybody came by and joined us for a while, including Eric, Dennis and Hendrick.

We took the shuttle back to the Wilderness lodge at 6:00. We got showered and changed and met at the street at 7:00 so we could all walk down to the sandbar together. It wasnt a bad walk because it was all downhill, but I definitely wouldnt want to have to walk back up again.

We caught the shuttle out in front of the sandbar and made our way back to the Dingo Bar. Definitely a different crowd. At the Sandbar, there were a lot of families and children. The Dingo Bar was entirely young 20-30 somethings.

I checked the Internet to find out how KU was doing. Sam had checked about Texas Tech a few days back and I was curious. Unfortunately, they just lost to Colorado and Arizona. Im glad I didnt see those games.

They had a Karaoke, but it was kind of boring, despite it being Australia day. We went to bed around 10:30.

Grant at our hotel on Fraser Island

Lisa showing her flexibility at Fraser

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