Noosa to Adora Downs

Day 21, Monday, 1/28/03
Today we had to get up pretty early to get to breakfast around 6:45. It was a good breakfast it had hot food in a buffet style line. Next we all climbed onto the shuttle that took us across the island to the jetty, where the ferry picked us up. We had about a 45-minute ferry ride and then about a 15 minute wait until we got on the bus.

We stopped in Noosa for a lunch after watching some Russell Coight All Aussie Adventures in the morning. Noosa was packed with people because it is a very touristy town and everyone had the day off work for Australia Day. People were everywhere, walking around in swimsuits and bare feet, short and dresses. Every kind of dress, but all very hot because it was pretty warm out, with the sun shining. We were on a street with lots of shops, cars and a food court. Very different from anything wed seen in the outback. It reminded me a lot of Florida or a very touristy town anywhere on the beach. I didnt really like it, though we did get good food at the food court. Cory even got a Dr. Pepper, which has been pretty hard for him to find down here. The deli we went to charged a 15% tax because of it being a public holiday. Very convenient. Cory left to walk the beach and I stayed with Nanique and Judit. We got ice cream and Nanique bought Holga chocolate ice cream cone with gummy candies on it for his birthday. Later, we went shopping and I bought two tanktops for $20AUS.

We got back on the bus for a short drive to the Wildlife Reserve. Here, we finally got to see Koalas. Ive been dying to see them ever since Sam showed me the picture he had taken with one. This time, I got my picture taken with one. It was the cutest, sweetest, most cuddly thing ever. I held her and she just clung to me like a soft, furry baby. One of the rangers talked to us about them. Koalas sleep 20 hours a day, live almost exclusively in the trees, and only eat eucalypt leaves. They mate once a year and it takes about 35 days for a Joey to be born. Then it crawls back into its mothers pouch. Where it stays for 6 months. They were so cute sleeping in the trees, one even was resting his nose in between two braches. We also saw some kangaroos and fed them.

We had another long drive and stopped in Brisbane for a short time to use the restroom and pick up another girl. It was a beautiful botanical garden where we stopped, but unfortunately, we only stayed for a few minutes.

Then, it was back on the bus for a long drive. They put the Matrix on the TV, but it was hard to watch and follow because I couldnt see unless I strained my neck and you could barely hear.

We arrived at the Adora Downs farmstay around 7:30. We received our assigned cabins. Because we have a twin share, Cory and I got an entire cabin with Dave and Hang. There were probably 10 extra beds in that cabin and a million doors. The bathroom was out across the back porch. Very quaint and rustic, though Ill be glad to get a real room with air conditioning and a shower I can use with bare feet.

They served us a wonderful home cooked meal. Our table was the last to get to go through the line so we had a lot of time to drool over everyone elses meal. They had corn, green beans, salad, mashed potatoes and roast. There were even giant lazy susans on the middle of the table for dessert, we had pancakes with vanilla ice cream.

After dinner, we all got up with very full stomachs to participate in a bushdance, or square dance. It was so much fun. He taught us several and we sweated and skipped and jumped and danced. Most of all, we laughed. It was fun because it was active and we were all together, participating as a large group. Some people didnt dance, but many people watched and took pictures if they didnt actually dance. My feet hurt afterward from all the jumping.

We just hung out for a while until we heard the star spangled Banner coming from the bus-cinema. It was this old school bus they had taken the wheels off and turned into a movie theater. The first seats were taken out and replaced with recliners and a TV in the front. I had watched the last 10 minutes of a Friends episode earlier that night in the bus and now the Superbowl was on. It was very strange because it was edited and Australian commercials were inserted. They only included the good plays, so it was much shorter than good plays, so it was much shorter than Im sure it was in America. I still fell asleep watching it and went to bed before it was over. Our bed was technically a double bed, but was actually two single beds pushed together. They were so squishy and soft that you literally fell into them, but not in a good way. Oh, my back!

Cory and Amy holding a Koala at the Koala park

Wallabee at the Koala Park

Koala trying to getting some sleep, they sleep 20 hours a day

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