Coffs Harbour

Day 24, Thrursday, 1/29/03
Only six hours of sleep and all the excitement of yesterday made for a tired girl this morning. We had to have bags out at 8:00 and we said goodbye to Stacy. She was staying in Surfers before going to meet Darren, the friend of Scottys she hooked up with in Alice Springs.

We only had a short drive before we reached Byrons Bay, so I didnt get a chance to sleep. At Byrons Bay, we saw the most Easternly point of Australia. Well, Cory saw it, but I stayed behind and so I got pretty darn close to the most easterly point. We also had lunch there because when we crossed from Queensland into New South Whales, we changed our clocks ahead one-hour.

The caf we went to didnt actually start serving lunch until 12:15, so Cory had eggs, bacon and hash browns and I had a BLT sandwich, which was actually on the breakfast menu.

We walked around the town for a while and went in some shops before it was time to get back on the bus. Mel put on The Castle and I slept pretty much all the way to Coffs Harbour.

Our hotel here is so nice. We all went out to the pool soon after we go here and hung out. The pool has a waterfall and hot tub. The hot tub felt great on all my sore muscles from horseback riding and skydiving. Because were pretty far away from town, we just ordered Dominos and had it delivered. Its been a relaxing night just watching TV and eating pizza. I needed some rest after the crazy past couple days weve had.

Sam, Eric, Hendrick and Cory at the pool in Coffs Harbour

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