Day 4, Friday 1/10/03
We just kept rolling along today. We had to get up early to get our bags to the bus by 6:30 am. Then, we had breakfast by the pool again with all those damned flies. We all practically stood in line waiting to get away from Jabiru and its millions of flies.

I was given Big Kev (the kangaroo who goes on the trip and goes with a different person every day). He came with me at our first picture stop at the sign for Kakadu National Park. He even tried to hop away down the road, but I caught him.

Our next stop was a bathroom and grab food to take to lunch break. I left him on the bus and someone took him. At our next stop, at the falls, Cory stayed on the bus and found him hidden in the luggage shelf. The falls were flooded, though, and we couldnt go swimming. We went down to take pictures of the lagoon and the falls. It was really beautiful and too bad that we couldnt have enjoyed it more. It was also sprinkling, so we didnt stand and look very long. We ate our lunch standing up in a shelter, though it wasnt hard because all we had was sandwiches. Then it was back on the bus. Paul told us that because of the flooding, the Katherine Gorge Cruise was cancelled. We were all pretty disappointed, but no one was complaining, so that was good.

On the bus, Paul taught us all the song with hand motions and we had a sing-a-long. It was supposedly written by school children about Australia and its gum trees, clotheslines and kangaroos. It was pretty funny to see everyone on the bus waving their hands and acting as if they were picking plums. We also had show and tell with a conelike piece of paper that they hand out in Holland at festivals so that the girls can pee like guys onto trees and such. It was hilarious and even had picture instructions.

We got to Katherine and walked around what little there was of the town for an hour and a half. It was kind of hard to find stuff to look at to pass the time. We did notice all the Aboriginals walking about with barefeet and Wutang Clan t-shirts and children who looked all of 1 years running around all by themselves. There was a target here, so had to go in, but it was very small and all the clothing sizes are different.

Because we couldnt go on the gorge cruise, we went on a tour of the Katherine School of Airs. Its a completely correspondence school for the children who live too far away from regular schools or who cant travel in the wet season because of flooding. It was pretty interesting because they have radio lessons and they issue radios and sometimes computers to every student.

We had a little while after the tour and before dinner, so we relaxed for a while.

We had a pizza dinner at night and we all sat around talking for a long time, we had drinks and shots. After a while, we went and talked for more. Kenny brought out a Scottish book and we all tried to read and/or understand Scottish slang. It was pretty funny to hear Americans and Dutch trying to speak with Scottish accents.

Big Kev in the middle of Stuart Highway

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