Tennant Creek

Day 5, Saturday, 1/11/03
We rode on the bus today. We rode and rode and rode and rode. It is the longest driving leg of our trip. We got up later than usual and didnt leave until 9:30. Hendrick was just stepping out of the shower when the bus honked and we started driving. He came running out of the hotel room without a shirt and carrying an armload of stuff. He was chasing down the bus and we were all just laughing at him. Paul put on an Australian movie called The Castle. It was pretty funny, but we were sitting way far in the back and I couldnt really see the screen. I could only hear it. I still laughed though.

We had a comfort stop and then we were going to go to this really cool pub out in the middle of nowhere for lunch. It supposedly has licenses all over the walls and bras on the ceiling. I say supposedly because both roads to the pub were flooded out.

Rain has been the theme of this trip so far. We were also supposed to go to some other place to look at a pretty water place, but it was flooded out, too.

We got to the hotel at about 7:00. We put our bags in our rooms and went outback to watch the sunset. It was pretty, but incredibly fast.

On the bus, before we got to the hotel, we played a game where each side of the bus has to pass up something that Paul calls out. Our side won because the last item was a person. We also had a fashion show to show off all the Contiki fashions. Cory was picked to model a shirt. He was pretty cute.

Baby camel at a rest stop on the way to Tennant Creek

Out back of out hotel in Tennant Creek

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