Adora Downs to Brisbane

Day 22, Tuesday, 1/28/03
We got up with a the roosters this morning. Despite the bed being incredibly uncomfortable, I was happily asleep when 6:00 rolled around and we had to get up for the horseback ride. You could hear the roosters and actually see around the farm in the daylight. It was really quite beautiful.

There were more people wanting to ride than there were horses., so we took turns some of us rode on the hay bails behind the tractor, some of us rode on the back of a 4-wheeler and some of us rode on the horses. Heikel got to ride Bronco he stubborn pony. This pony didnt want to listen and didnt want to walk. The four wheeler had to ride behind him just to keep him going in sight of the rest of the horses. Heikel looked like he was going to fall off the left side because the ponys belly was so round that the saddle kept slipping. At our stop, Cory got stuck riding that same darn pony. He couldnt do anything with him either, and eventually ended up getting off the pony and walking him up to the rest of the group. I got the horse that Judit was riding and had a blast trotting back. We went much faster on the way back, so my butt is really hurting now from all the trotting.

We had just enough time to shower pack and eat breakfast before getting on the bus. We said goodbye to the farmstay and the pet wallaby named VB.

It was another ride into Brisbane, but this time we got to spend two hours there. Sam, Cory and I had lunch at Hungry Jacks, which is actually Burger King. Then, we went with Sam to meet his date. He met this girl in Ireland who lives in Brisbane, so they were able to meet for a little while today.

After we took their picture, we left them to it and went shopping. We found a few souvenirs and a T-shirt for me in one of the shops. We ran into Chris and Michelle and I continued shopping with them while Cory went to look at some of the sights.

We went to go look at the casino, which is in an old government looking building. We walked in and I found the KU Texas game on ESPN. KU was behind when I started watching, but they came back and were ahead by two points with four minutes left in the second half. We had to leave to catch the bus before the game was over and I didnt get to see the end. I still dont know who won and its driving me crazy. Im going to have to find some Internet somewhere.

We drove some more and finally got to Surfers Paradise. Nanique, Judit and Grant got to go skydiving this afternoon. We cant go until tomorrow. But, our room is really, really nice. Air conditioning, big comfortable bed and a clean tired modern bathroom in the room. Ahhhh!

Cory took a nap, then we got up to get ready for dinner. We were meeting the coach at 6:30. We passed Jupiters Casino and the monorail. We got dropped off by the Hard Rock Caf and everyone just stood around trying to figure out where to go to dinner. We then decided on an Italian place, the wait staff seemed to be overwhelmed with serving 16 people, but the food came pretty fast and it was really good. I had tortellini and Cory had spaghetti bolognese.

Everyone else went to a nightclub, but Cory and I went shopping and got some T-shirts and Koalas for people back home. We had a big day the next day, so we wanted to be rested.

Hieko preparing to ride Bronco

Amy horse back riding at Adora Downs

Sam and friend in Brisbane

Casino in Brisbane

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