Devil's Marbles to Alice Springs

Day 6, Sunday, 1/12/03
We got up early today. We had breakfast at 6:30 and were on the bus by 7:15. Our first stop was at the Devils marbles. It was what I was expecting Australia to look like. It was pretty barren with red dirt all around and these huge boulders all over. Its so strange to just all of the sudden have these huge red boulders in the middle of nowhere. It was really cool, though, cause some of them were very precariously balanced and looked as though they could fall over at any minute. We climbed all over them and took pictures. It was good to get out of the bus and hotel routine and actually do something.

Because those bathrooms (or toilets) were less than appealing, we stopped 10 minutes down the road at the alien centre of Australia in Wycliffe Wells. It was this tiny hotel and petrol station that was covered with paintings of aliens and statues of little green men. I went to the bathroom in the femaliens room. Cory took a picture with his face in a wooden cut out of aliens. They even had a giant statue of the Incredible Hulk, though I cant quite figure out why he was at an Alien Centre, but maybe they know something we do not about that green monster or maybe they just think everything green is an alien watch out Kermit!

Weve been driving along this long, flat straight road call Stuart Highway named after the guy who first traveled across Australia from South to North. Well, on this long, straight, flat road, there are very few other cars. So, Paul and Scotty decide to have a little fun and have Grant and Jaimie get out of the bus and do a boot-scottin, line dance on the center line of the highway. They turned up the music so the bus was blasting All my exes live in Texas and they danced as we watched through the front window. It was so funny, I think we all doubled over laughing.

Our next stop was Alice Springs, where we lost eight people, including Jill and Derrick. That was pretty sad, but at least we can e-mail. We only stayed there a short bit before picking up 4 people and heading out for a swim at Omerston Gorge. Now, the strangest thing one of the girls we picked up, Amy Foreacre graduated from SMNW the same year as Cory. Talk about a completely insane coincidence. Who would have thought half a world away we would run into someone who went to Shawnee Mission Northwest High School.

The water in the gorge was pretty cold. There were spots that were warm, but then you would swim through a freezing spot. The guys were throwing a rugby ball and Frisbee across the water. Everyone was commenting on Corys arm. Then Kenny got the bright idea to kick the rugby ball. He couldnt tell where it was going and yelled to look up, and I happened to look up as the ball came about 2 inches from my head. Of course, then I had to tease him about for the rest of the day for trying to kill me.

We dove out to Glen Helen Resort and lets just say the word resort is used very loosely. Cory and I, because we have a twin share, we have a restroom in the room. However, we barely have an air conditioner. Its on the floor practically under the bed. Cory jimmy-rigged a tunnel and we moved our bed to the middle of the room in order to sleep in some sort of coolness.

We played in a pool tournament at night at the resort. It was a $2 to enter and we got Paul and Chris in the first round. Every time Paul would trash talk me, I would make a good shot. It was a blast. We actually got to the final round before we lost to Glenn and a local girl (ringer!).

Kenny, Cory, Jim and Glenn at Devil's Marbles

At Wycliffe Well's, Bill made a cute femalien

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